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Antique Walking Canes

Antique Canes
Antique canes find special favor among the collectors and historians, who take pride in possessing historic pieces of great value. Antique canes can be canes with a traditional design, aged canes where the seasoned wood assumes an exclusive texture, and canes that represent a significant piece of history or an event of importance. Some antique canes also provide an insight into the kind of socio-cultural norms that were present during an era.

Aura of Antique Canes
Just like the finesse of an aging wine, antique canes gain more value as they age. These canes are more likely to be found among museum curators, historians and individual enthusiasts rather than people who need a practical solution for balancing or supporting themselves. Some of the most valued antique walking sticks that continue to grab attention across the world are essentially replicas of cane designs from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. While the originals were composed of precious materials, ranging form real ivory to jewels, the intricately carved hardwood antique sticks available mimic the presence of stones and other expensive embellishments. For cane lovers, antique canes provide them an aura of exclusivity.

Buying Antique Canes Online
If you happen to be an Antique Cane enthusiast, our online cane store will keep you occupied with its increasing range of options. Antique canes come in different forms, sizes and shapes. They are broadly categorized as decorative, folk art and system canes. We have an option across each of these categories. Decorative canes can include exotic materials like porcelain, faux ivory, bronze plating, and enamels. Folk art canes are inspired by exotic and local folk arts. These canes are characterized by their craftsmanship. System canes blend aesthetics and functionality in one piece and are also called gadget canes. They often come with additional features like concealed chambers to keep your valuables safe. These kind of antique canes are the most demanded one.

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