Adjustable Walking Stick
Adjustable Walking Stick
The marketplace for walking sticks continues to spread across social and cultural barriers as more people realize the practical and fashionable utility of carrying a cane. Among these variants, adjustable walking sticks have become one of the most popular options due to their extreme dexterity. With an adjustable stick, it becomes much easier to adjust the height of the cane or pack it according the current space requirements.

Adjustable Options
These walking sticks come in different sizes, shapes and forms to suit all functional and aesthetic requirements across a wide demographic of users. You can select from a wide range of designer patterns including floral, stripes, dotted and even plain formal options. These highly functional adjustable walking sticks also come with different kind of handles like Crook, Derby, Palm Grip, Fritz, Offset, T-Handle, and Petite. Each of these ergonomically designed, anatomically correct handles offers a grip that is both comfortable and strong. Exploring Options among Adjustable Hiking Sticks We are slowly building up our portfolio of adjustable canes. To cater to the needs of such outdoor enthusiast, Adjustable Hiking Stick are offered across a wide array of options, in accordance with the degree of difficulty expected, i.e. from slightly demanding hiking trips to hardcore trekking requirements.

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