Adjustable Folding Canes
Adjustable Folding Canes
The demand for adjustable walking canes is rising steeply due to the flexibility offered by these canes. The main advantage offered by these canes is their ability to be effortlessly adjusted. Whether you are taking a regular walk in a park or maneuvering a tricky terrain, with these highly functional adjustable walking canes nothing seems to be impossible.

Advantage Walking Canes
The main advantage offered by these walking canes is their adjustable feature. You can adjust the height of these canes in accordance with both the terrain you are maneuvering and the footwear you are wearing. The adjustability of these walking canes makes them more convenient according to the changing needs and requirements of the user. These walking canes can be adjusted within the range of 29 inches to 39 inches. Another advantage of these canes is their ability to be folded and stacked, without occupying much space, when not in use. Variety to Suit your Needs You have the opportunity to select from a wide assortment of adjustable walking canes, each with different form, size, shape and even color. Suited for men and women, these walking canes comes with design patterns that suits the different style needs of both genders. The canes also come with a wide range of anatomically correct handles like Derby, Fritz, Offset, Crook, and Palm Grip.

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