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Unique Walking Cane Handles

Unique Walking Cane Handles

Tom Siceloff |

Walking Canes are gracing the red carpet and galas as a fashion accessory. Their design, material, and finish are modified to make them suitable for fashion-conscious buyers. The walking cane handles are undergoing a revolution and is much more innovative and artistic these days. New materials, shapes, and sizes of handles are coming to the market every day.

Some of the most popular types of the handle which you should know about are here:

Palm-grip Handle

A Palm-grip handle is a popular choice. As the name suggests, it fits the palm of your hand for a custom-like fit. The contours of the handle are simple and exceptionally comfortable to hold.

Animal Handle

These types of handles sport the shape of an animal like the head of a jaguar, eagle snake, dolphin, horse, and many more. They look royal and authoritative, and their design is customized. These are novelty pieces and not meant for everyday use.

Off-Set Handle

Walking Canes with off-set handles are designed to distribute the user’s weight along the shaft to the rubber tip. They are equipped with a soft rubber handle for a comfortable grip.  Off-set handles is used for recovery after an injury.

Derby Handle

It bears a classic and timeless design that has been the number one choice of the customers. They are designed especially for the left or right hand.

Crook Handle

We know this handle from Charlie Chaplin’s walking cane. It is a simple hook-like design that has been a favorite design for centuries. Very comfortable to hold and can be hooked on the hand or collar when not in use.

The first thing that attracts a walking Cane is its handle. The design of the handle is a major factor that distinguishes a fashionable walking one from an ordinary one. We hope this article enlightened you on the options in handle available for you. Go ahead and explore our collection of different handle-type walking canes.





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