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Making Walking in Winters Easy

Making Walking in Winters Easy

Tom Siceloff |


Winters prove to be a challenging climate for people with mobility issues. They find it difficult to walk in fresh snow. Long hours of walking in the winter snow implies to working harder and putting more stress on the mobility than there already was. This leads to joint pains and exertion, if they do not know how to use a walking cane effectively to walk in the ice and snow conditions.

To make mobility easy here are some tips you can use to walk through the snow using your walking stick:

Walking on the Ice:

Use your walking cane to give a gentle tap on black ice before moving on it. Black ice is a common problem near roads and in parking lots. More typical forms of ice can appear on tiny puddles that are hidden by grass or gravel, which makes the ice more hazardous. A handy cane can always help in walking in the tricky situations.

Handling the Fresh Snow:

Walking over snow is tougher than walking over ice. Before stepping over the snow, it is suggested that you should scale the depth of the snow using the end of the cane. This prevents you from falling into a hole.

Walking through the salty surface:

Winter salting of sidewalks and parking lots usually wear down the tip of the walking stick as well. It is therefore suggested to use old rubber tip that is in good shape until the snow melts. This keeps the new tip productive for a longer period.

Surely walking cane does a great job in helping you navigate as you walk through the ice and snow, thus, preventing you from facing any serious injury. Use ice gripper on the cane tip to penetrate the ice for a strong grip, helping you maintain the balance. Using a cane with an ice pick may make you feel more secure when walking across icy walkways. However, it is also recommended to wear the right kind of shoes so walking becomes easy. Also walk like a penguin, taking slow, small and shuffling steps.



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