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Inside Your Cane: A Guide to Cane Materials

Inside Your Cane: A Guide to Cane Materials

Tom Siceloff |

We like to pick clothes and accessories only after checking their materials. It is significant for us to keep a close tab on the materials with which our products are made. Why not do the same when selecting a walking cane? Whether it is for daily use, hiking or fashion, it is important to know about the different cane materials to ensure that you pick the finest piece for your wardrobe.

Before becoming the ultimate and international symbol of fashion, canes were purely functional. The functions too were limited to hiking or supporting the users for daily walks. The trendsetters gradually realized that canes can be used to add glamor to the overall look. Initially, the focus was just the handles made from premium hides, leather or ivory. With time, the options have increased with a range of different cane materials listed below.

Acrylic Canes

With a distinct clear, shiny, and classy look, acrylic canes are one of the most loved accessories. They are usually chosen by individuals looking for a lightweight and high strength canes. An all-inclusive range of Walking Canes also features Fritz-handle and Crooked-style acrylic style walking canes.

Bamboo Canes

Bamboo is one of the oldest materials used for making canes. Bamboo is popular for being lightweight and classic material that lends an old-world, vintage look to the canes. Carry them at a sophisticated gathering or add some style to a casual party. You can find charming bamboo canes here in our list with multiple designs and colors.

Lucite Canes

Lucite gained popularity among ladies due to its lightweight composition and glossy look. Individuals, who are not afraid to experiment a little bit and pick bold pieces, can go for lucite canes. Fashion connoisseurs are increasingly choosing lucite because of its resistance to common issues with canes. The material is away from moisture seepage and collar corrosion, a constant problem with metals. It is also easy to clean and known for its long life. 

Wooden Walking Canes

Variations continue to surface among materials used for making walking canes. However, canes made from premium hardwood are still the eternal favorites, dubbed as classic canes. We believe that the aura of raw, minimally finished hardwood cannot be replicated by any other material. Our series of wooden walking canes have proven to be the most popular selection in the category of traditionally designed wooden canes. 

Aluminum Canes

Aluminum walking canes are considered the first choice among folks who are looking for contemporary fashionable canes. Despite the widespread popularity of wooden canes that are considered the most premium, undoubted option in this segment, canes made from other materials are fast catching up. This includes canes made of anodized metals and aluminum apart from lucite or acrylics. Aluminum canes have emerged as the most sought-after cane among these relatively new choices. 


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