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Holiday Season Inspirations: Fashionable Walking Canes Make Great Gifts!

Holiday Season Inspirations: Fashionable Walking Canes Make Great Gifts!

Tom Siceloff |

For people who believe that walking canes are too traditional or qualify only as mobility solutions, Fashionable Walking Canes can be a big surprise. During the Holiday Season, the demand for such Designer Canes tends to mushroom, as people realize that these are practical, thoughtful, and stylish gifting options. In this New Year’s celebrations inspired discussion, we will dispel some common misconceptions about gifting canes and the reasons you need to relook them in an entirely new way…


There is a Cane for Every Gifting Need!



Yes, walking canes are usually interpreted as mobility items but there is nothing stifling about them in terms of what niche of a consumer demographic finds them appealing. From seniors recovering from an injury to those who like covering serious miles along the countryside trails, walking sticks can be a very useful gift.

…for gifting inspirations both utility-driven & style-focused


If the gifting thought is purely utilitarian, it makes sense to choose walking canes that have the best ergonomics for someone who is recovering from back pain or hip injury. Even then, you don’t need to buy drab-looking canes—those that integrate the best-gripping handles with beautiful finishing do the job perfectly! For people who use walking sticks as a lifestyle addition, Stylish Canes present a wider array of choices. Here, the emphasis is on appreciable walking or hiking performance along with the ability to helping someone accenting the everyday look!


…for gifting that is about an element of extraordinary



Do you want a gift that has a dose of the unusual or something opulent and not easy to find? Consider walking canes made from the finest, hard-to-procure hardwoods with intricate carvings or decorative handles with themes that are truly fashionable. Such canes are perfect as walking supports as well as sticks that have a bit of swagger! Then, there are sticks with a legacy, with a bit of history to share that can be the perfect conversation-starter. Each of these canes are about spending a bit more but creating permanent footprints with a gift that will be cherished for a long, long time.


We are sharing two options, one each for function-oriented fashionable canes & a style-obsessed cane:

fashionable walking canes

1. Duck Dynasty Brass Head Cane for the Fathers & Grandfathers

If you’re pondering what to gift to your father or grandfather, the Duck Dynasty Brass Head Walking Cane is worthy of a second look. This uniquely designed stick is about a fine balance of supporting gait and posture plus some exclusive features like an embossed duck head handle constructed using solid brass and a genuine walnut shaft. The walnut finish maple shaft carries an elite brass ring between the handle and shaft. You can also consider the White & Black Diamond Cane that has unique diamond pattern to break the monotony associated with traditional cane colors. The diamond-shaped Rhinestone Collar in this adjustable shaft is the visual highlight, making it a perfect gift for those in their senior years.

fashion canes

2. Snakeskin Derby Handle for the Fashion-conscious Dresser

Snakeskin Derby Cane is an exciting proposition. It features a very luxurious snakeskin finish shaft. The maple shaft is very durable but it is the surreal snakeskin pattern that makes its stand apart as a fashion accessory. This cane is a good addition the wardrobe ensemble too. A capable performer, it is usually bought for its bold design. Add a scorched derby handle that offers comfort and excellent support to the user and you know, that this derby cane packs real style while the brass band adds a bit of sophistication.

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