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Essential Walking Stick Accessories

Essential Walking Stick Accessories

Tom Siceloff |

Get your hands on Essential Walking Stick Accessories:

Tips, Holders, Straps & More!

If you own a walking stick, pole, cane or a hiking stick, then you must be aware of the fact that a cane accessory when used properly can change your whole walking experience! Premium quality accessories add to the long lasting performance and durability of a cane, stick or a hiking pole. Indeed, it’s true, there are many cane accessories that can take your walking experience a notch higher! The infinite list of accessories includes elastic wrist straps, standard cane tips, cane holder, and many more. Below are the most common and useful cane accessories that can prove to be beneficial for you when you heading out for casual day outings, on weekend hiking trips or even for a casual evening walking!

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Reflective Cane Holder:

One of the most widely used walking cane accessory that is perfect for use anywhere and anytime. The reflective cane holder doesn’t let your cane fall over and over again, rather it offers complete support and functionality. You don’t need to find a perfect spot for your cane to lean on, you can simply rely on this cane holder to hold the cane perfectly. The most important factor is the use of reflective material that makes it much easier for you to find out and spot your cane. This is indeed a perfect on-the-go-cane accessory! It is manufactured using quality assured hard plastic and metal, that adds to the durability. Not only this, the reflective material makes it easy to spot in visible in dark or dimly-lit conditions.

Extra Grip Standard Cane Tips:

Often while walking with a cane, having the extra grip makes it much easier for use to cross the rough terrains, trails. To ensure extra grip every time you walk, simply use an extra grip standard cane tips that offers durability and complete support. The tips are thoughtfully designed with the groves on the bottom offering extra gripping power.

Elastic Wrist Strap:

One thing that you cannot go without is the pair of elastic wrist strap to help you retain the grip and makes it much easier to walk without the fear of slipping of canes abruptly. The elastic wrist straps are stretchable and are specifically designed to fit a cane shaft of any dimensions. Not only this, to make it much convenient for the cane users, the straps are made available with wide loop of cloth to ensure you can put your wrist through it easily.


Plastic Clip for Folding Canes:

Another finest grade and durably constructed cane accessory that works best for the folding canes is the Plastic clip. This indeed is an unobtrusive device that helps in holding folding canes perfectly at once place in the folded position, when not in use. You can simply squeeze the clip slightly, and insert the folding cane ferrule-first and then ease the cane into its favorable position.

So, make the most of it and find the best suited cane accessory to make your walking experience even better!


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