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Choosing the Perfect Walking Cane Handle

Choosing the Perfect Walking Cane Handle

Tom Siceloff |

Walking canes make for mobility enhancers which also act as fashion accessories. Choosing the right walking cane entails a lot of decisions, but perhaps the most important one is selecting a walking cane handle. From stylistic choices to ease of the grip and level of support required, choosing the perfect cane handle can make all the right difference. Here’s a list of the most common handles and what they have to offer:

Derby Handle Cane

A very popular option among men and women, the handle has great ergonomics. With a variety of premium woods and collars used to make derby handle canes, the choices seem endless. If you want to gift a cane, a derby handle presents the safest choice with nearly no chance of bothering the user.

Crook Handle Walking Canes

Also known as J handle, Tourist Handle or the Shepherd’s Cane Handle– the Crook handle was perhaps the first handle that engaged mass popularity. Widely considered as one of the easiest canes to grip, handle and carry, crook handle canes make for the ideal choice for men and women alike. Want to gift a walking cane to someone but confused about their preferences? You can never go wrong with a crook handle cane – the evergreen cane choice.

Ball Handle Walking Canes

A cult-classic, the ball handle cane has a separate fan-base. Extremely striking in a distinguished design, these walking canes make for great statement pieces. A combination of fashion and function, a ball cane handle provides many customization options like the Pearl Knob, American Flag, Ivory Ball, Lucite Ball, and the 8 Ball Cane. 

Soft Touch Handle Walking Canes

Daily users or those who want enhanced comfort should opt for soft touch handle canes. Problems like hand cramping, blisters or aches can be eliminated by using soft touch handles. Functionality does not come at the cost of looks, as they are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. Find these and many other premium walking cane varieties with our leading portal Classy Walking Canes.

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