Buying Guide for Best Hiking Poles, Sticks, and Staffs: Your Ultimate Trail Companions!

Buying Guide for Best Hiking Poles, Sticks, and Staffs: Your Ultimate Trail Companions!


Take the stress off your joints, maintain a good pace and give yourself relief with the use of uniquely designed trekking poles, sticks and hiking staff. One of the standard and most preferred equipment for trekkers, slow-pace wanderers, hikers, backpackers, and snowshoers; hiking poles, sticks and staffs have endless benefits to make your hike comfortable and easy, especially on ascents and descents that are indeed the endurance testers. Whether you are heading out for a quick weekend jaunt, or if you are planning to hike on the well-known trails, lesser-known trails, we have got your back. Here is all that you need to know when you are about to buy hiking sticks,

Benefits of Owing a Hiking Stick, Staffs or Poles:

Many hikers and backpackers love trekking poles, sticks for many reasons, the most important one is that they enhance stability and offer optimum on all types of terrain, unpaved paths, and trails. The biggest advantage of trekking with hiking poles, and sticks is that they tend to absorb shock as to and when you take your next step, while trekking a steep downhill trail or whether you are about to cross streams and rivers. Poles, sticks keep your arms in motion that maintain the blood circulation while you are gaining elevation. Not only this, it makes you achieve the ultimate stability while you are tackling tricky terrain. Now, hopping on to another section that holds equal importance is the material, type, and length of the hiking sticks, poles, and staff.


Considerations While Buying a Trekking Stick, Pole, or Staff!

  • Material:

The sticks and poles are available in different materials, which also include lightweight yet durable fiber reinforced plastic and Aluminium. Carbon fiber is a perfect material that is lightweight and thus, becomes much easier to carry too. On the other hand, Aluminum is certainly a durable and economical choice. You can pick the best one from the massive collection available at Classy Walking Canes.

  • Grip Material:

Another important aspect to consider, checking for the grip material, since it is going to be a deciding factor to how the stick is going to stay in your hands. It should keep the hands and wrist in a comfortable and neutral position, without slipping off easily. The material should be moisture resistant, making it perfect for hiking in most weather conditions. Foam, cork, and rubber are one of the best options to consider.

  • Length:

Make sure you are picking up a hiking stick or pole with an ideal length that contributes to making your hike a bit easier while allowing you to keep your back straight. For long uphill sections, general hiking, long downhill sections, or long hiking trails, select as per your convenience to prevent distress to your shoulders, arms, back, and neck.

  • Locking Mechanism:

There are various locking mechanisms used to create the most user-friendly experiences. Some of the mechanisms you will see when buying hiking stick, pole, or staff, includes push-button lock, external lever lock, combination lock, and twist locks. So pick the one that suits your requirements and helps you adjust as per your height and terrain type.

So, keep a check on every aspect while buying a classy hiking stick that is sure to smoothen up your adventure up in the hills. Make sure to get your hands on a durably constructed hiking staff, poles, or stick, you have a massive inventory to buy from Classy Walking Cane!

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