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Accessorizing Your Walking Cane the Right Way

Accessorizing Your Walking Cane the Right Way

Tom Siceloff |

Walking cane is an essential mobility aid that ensures postural stability or support as you walk. It shows how you are taking your struggle of using a cane in a positive light. However, constant use of cane usually calls for upgrades. Thus, Walking Cane Accessories are very important for regular walking cane users like you. They make your mobility support more functional. You need to have a deeper knowledge about the accessories you can use to upgrade your walking support. Here is a detailed account.

Wrist Straps to Keep the Cane Close

Easy to put on the cane, the wrist strap helps you keep it close, ensuring you do not lose the whereabouts of the cane. This leather strap is strong and make it easy to help heavier canes to dangle from your wrist effortlessly. Some straps even adorn crystals or studs that add an aesthetic touch to your cane.

Cane Holder to Hold the Cane Securely against any Surface

As a regular walking cane user, you always need the cane at the hand’s reach which is not possible every time. A cane holder plays a crucial role in such situations. A utility-focused accessory the holder lets you hold the cane to any kin of surface. This reduces the effort of constant glancing to make sure the cane is there. The cane holder is a portable and detachable on-the-go accessory that you can carry along wherever you go.


Cane Tip to Prevent the Canes from Slipping as You Walk

It is a nev-a-slip standard flat bottom rubber cane tip that has a sturdy steel insert molded into the base of the tip for extra durability. The tips are available in different sizes and keep the cane from slipping away as you walk. The cane tips offer traction as you walk on wet and slipper surfaces.

Some other cane accessories are cane bags, extra grip, metal ferule, and more. Accessories are as necessary as the cane itself. They add to your liberty of hassle-free mobility. They upgrade, enhance, and make the walking cane more functional. 



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