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A Classy Cane for the Madame

A Classy Cane for the Madame

Tom Siceloff |

Fine walking sticks are not short of a luxurious style statement for women. Despite the fact that, women's canes are slimmer than that of men’s, don't mistake their slender appearance for fragility as performance shan’t be compromised. Curating a careful combination of grace and strength, there are premium-quality selections of elegant walking sticks for the lady of the house in the market. Add a chic flair of personality to your outfit, with stunning walking sticks.

The Garden of Flowers

Along with quirky patterns such as animal prints and actuals animals in print, flowers take home the cake! The collection of flower motifs on canes gives your walking stick a traditional, yet classy look. With up-beat fashion prints and styles, you’re walking cane will complete your attire for a trendy look. Some with peppy bright colours in contrast to the flowers, and some subtle shades complementing them, we all know there is never going wrong with flowers for the lady!

Take Your Pick from the Rainbow

With soothing shades as well as vibrant colours, all dependent on styles and themes of the walking sticks, there is a wide range of different hues and tones available. Women’s walking sticks tend to be more colorful and lively, adding panache to intricate designs. From pastel pinks and blues to subtle shades of brown and from the classic monochrome to vibrant greens and reds, you will find every tint of color on the color wheel.

The Classics

For a handsome look, a classy cane is a fundamental. Indulge in the graceful collection of the classic browns and walking sticks and finished to boast their natural wood finishes. With carved noses, scorched finishes, knotted texture and natural bark finishes, the elegant rustics always steal the day. The numerous extravagant designs have a noticeable appeal that won't let anyone take their eyes off of it!

So, pick a walking stick from Classy Walking Canes, home to the most exquisite walking sticks you will ever lay eyes on, to complement your style and make a bold statement wherever you take it... or wherever it takes you!


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