Walnut Walking Canes

Walnut Walking Canes
Variations continue to surface among materials used for making walking canes. However, canes made from premium hardwood are still the eternal favorites, dubbed as classic canes. We believe that the aura of raw, minimally finished hardwood cannot be replicated by any other material. Our series of walnut walking canes have proven to be the most popular selection in the category of traditionally designed wooden canes.

Popularity of Walnut Canes
Walnut canes have always engaged special attention, talked about for their naturally dark, chocolate brown color. This wood has a bit of natural luster along with a closely-knit grain pattern. Yes, walnut walking canes are not at par with oak canes in terms of raw strength but they are efficient at supporting a wide scale of body weight. The natural strength of walnut wood is underlined by the fact that it is preferred for making weight-bearing cabinets. For years, walnut canes have been regarded as a mark of sophistication.

Choose from the Best Walnut Canes
Selection Our best selling walnut cane is the Free Form Twisted Cane. It continues to engage a lot of attention from men and women. Reeking of an upmarket presentation and unique artisanship, we sell this cane in premium finishing options. We have the most impressive finishing options for walnut walking canes, including the lighter European hue and the darker, chocolaty American walnut texture. Sold as a part of our Free Form Canes selection, many of these are bought by dedicated collectors.

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