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Walking Sticks for Women

Walking Sticks for Women

Walking Sticks for Women
Walking sticks have managed to enter and establish themselves in the niche of women’s accessory wear. Most walking sticks for women have one, defining styling feature. This is in the form of brighter colors, variety of textures, a fashionable theme, or the handle’s unique design. Walking sticks for women are invariably a bit lighter than canes for men. A smaller girth, shorter staff, and a slimmer handle is usually the trademark of canes for women. These canes are more likely to undergo repeated upgrades or changes in their appearance due to fast-changing trends in women’s fashion.

Walking Canes for Women in Vogue
The resurgence of walking sticks as a fashion & style choice among women has helped walking canes to emerge from the shadows of being a tool for the physically challenged. For many women carrying a fashionable walking cane presents dual advantage—contributing as a style statement and an easy-to-deploy self-defense tool!

Functional Walking Canes for Women
Not all canes for women can be grouped as decorative or ornamental canes—many women need them as a trusted walking aid. This includes women with medical problems affecting their posture, stance, gait, or balance. For example, women suffering from Parkinson’s Diseases where neuromuscular functions cane be severely impaired. Here, lightweight canes that can ably support the body weight and provide a firm grip are preferred—called Prescription (and/or Functional) Walking Canes. Common, non-prescription walking supports for women includes hiking sticks that have other, random outdoor applications too. Our collection of Specialty Canes for women include those with a golf-inspired or animal inspired handle and those with a touch of exotic options like a gold or silver colored collar.

Choices on Offer
Classic choices in this segment include crook style and derby handle canes for women. These are available in feminine shades like baby pink or with a flora print. You can find women’s canes with offset and petite handle too. Our soft touch-handle canes have been creating a lot of curiosity, particularly among first-time women buyers looking for an easy-to-handle cane. On-the-move women are more likely to prefer folding walking canes—these are easy to fold and stack away when not in use.

Buy from the Leader in Lady Walking Canes
We are constantly on the lookout for cane styles flashed by women on the screen or the ramp. We constantly update our inventory to ensure you are never short on choices—ranging from different finishes to canes made in different materials and those boasting of hand-carved artisanship.

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