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5/8 Aluminum Blind Cane-Classy Walking Canes

5/8 Aluminum Blind Cane

The quest for the more sober canes ends here! 5/8 Aluminum Blind Cane just impresses and doesnt shout for attention. Crafted from premium materials...

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Shooter Canes
Shooter canes are among our bestselling items where a slightly unusually designed shaft is mated with conventional handles to create a unique cane design. Shooter canes are usually made of wood. Some manufacturers claim to use wood derived from root, trunk, or limbs that have not been cut down, i.e. naturally felled wood. These are naturally occurring sources of wood used to make premium shooter canes with an ecologically sensitive perspective.

Shooter Cane Fashions
Some shooter cane designs include folding canes, including those that come with a dedicated tip and leather strap. These standard accessories are a part of the package. Some shooter canes are retailed with a Reflector Tape. This makes the cane’s visibility easier from a long distance, including nighttime when vision is seriously compromised.

Reflector tapes can be bought as a separate accessory too. The more recent range of shooter canes come with aircraft-grade aluminum that is exceptionally strong despite being very light. Often these canes are carried by folks who are visually impaired. Here, the tape acts like a notifier, telling about the compromised state of the cane’s user.

We are among the largest online procurement and retailing specialists in the contemporary cane marketplace. We are cementing our position with deeper penetration into the global marketplace via an international network of distributors, helping us turn into a truly global cane provider.

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