Regency Bulb Black-Classy Walking Canes

Regency Bulb Black

The Regency Bulb Black Walking Cane is the perfect accessory for any special occasion. It has a gorgeous, Simulated Antique Scrimshaw Bulb Handle i...

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Regency Bulb Walnut-Classy Walking Canes

Regency Bulb Walnut

Be it for anything, a perfectly constructed antique design is sufficient to capture your thoughts. The Regency Bulb Walnut can be considered one su...

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Pimp Canes
If you aren’t familiar with them, pimp canes can induce a slightly twisted expression. This cane isn’t about the trade but about the loud, glitzy sense of fashion that it brings. Pimp walking sticks are strictly a fashion accessory, for some a kind of nostalgia cane also, reminiscent of the time when bling was a widespread phenomenon.

Diffusing Pimp Cane Misconceptions
Some people might keep pimp canes in their collection for the sake of diverting from the standard choices. Most pimp canes have an attention-grabbing handle. This includes a ball head or gemstone handle. Also referred to as pimp daddy canes, these canes are about outlandish, over-embellished sense of expression. However, there are no confusions regarding the structural integrity of pimp canes. They are made of premium woods, including seasoned hardwoods.

Pimp Walking Stick Styles
Some changes have surfaced in recent years where pimp canes made from Lucite and different acrylics have emerged as favorites. Pimp walking sticks often have different colored glasses at the heart of their design. Some people prefer shorter pimp canes. These canes are often adorned with valuable metals like gold or platinum or a collar in gold and silver finishing.

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