Maple Walking Canes
When classical canes are discussed, Maple Walking Canes are mentioned as the perfect example of high-quality wooden canes that exude old world charm along with providing the perfect blend of durability and aesthetics. Wooden walking canes are often made from hardwoods—a tradition that has continued despite the emergence of supplementary cane making materials like ultra-light carbon fiber or aluminum. There are many species of maple trees with very few being hard enough to be successfully used for making a strong wooden cane. Choosing Maple Wood Walking Canes If you have been looking for a cane that can age handsomely without presenting any long-term or demanding maintenance issues, consider maple canes. The wood is so dense and strong that it is used to make the surfaces in bowling alleys. Despite repeated shocks maple’s surface seldom shows signs of damage. Maple wood canes are preferred because of their distinct grain pattern where fine pores are packed in a tight manner. The texture exudes a charm associated with seasoned, high-quality hardwoods. Maple canes are also a cheaper and lighter option if you are looking for cherry wood canes.

Buying Maple Canes Online
Walking-Canes.Net is an established online store specializing in the niche of canes made from the most expensive and mid-range hardwoods. We have a vast array of canes made from maple. This includes canes in different handle styles with dedicated tips and those with a smart collar. Most of these woods are finished in a natural way, ensuring the inherent beauty of maple wood is not lost.

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