Long Cane
Long Cane
This category pertains to canes that are longer than standard walking canes. This is not about the long canes that are often called identification canes and are recommended for people with mobility issues and those who are visually disabled.

Understanding Need for Long Canes
Long Walking Cane might seem like an abstract category but it serves a substantial market. A cane’s length decides its ability to behave as an efficient mobility tool. Ideally, a longer walking cane should have a length equal to the distance between the user’s sternum and the floor. The length in turn depends upon the user’s height. Standard walking canes are usually about 39 inches or 100 cm in length. However, this does not serve the need of people who are taller than the average population. Long Canes are also referred to as longer canes, ultra-long canes, or extra-long canes based upon their length. A longer-than-usual shaft also means more surface area to display the rich, wooden aura of a cane made from select hardwoods.

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