Ladies Fashionable Derby or Fritz Style

Ladies White Diamond Cane
Ladies derby style canes are the most popular option in the niche of fashionable ladies cane. Derby style started centuries ago and spread through Europe. It has managed to maintain its significance through eras of change in fashionable canes. These are essentially aesthetic canes where the emphasis is more on style rather than performance. Yes, derby and fritz style ladies fashionable canes are made from the best of woods but their appeal lies in being the perfect fashion accessory, useful throughout the year.

We specialize in providing the latest among fashionable Ladies Derby Style canes where the handles are slightly thinner to ensure a better grip for women. This includes customized canes for ladies made from timber and the brighter variations like the customized, dark-red Apple Cane. Our other bestseller in the segment of fashionable lady’s canes is fritz style cane. The fritz handle has been popular among women for years despite having a rather surprising origin where it was intended for people suffering from arthritis. With time, Ladies Fritz style gained prominence due to its uniquely ergonomic handle that found favor with women who preferred easy to grip walking canes.

With a handle that is straighter at the top, ladies fritz style canes continue to engage attention of women. We constantly curate our list of Ladies Derby Style and Fritz Style canes, including popular options like Beech Derby and the more vibrant Green Autumn adjustable cane.

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