Fashion Walking Canes for Ladies

Beechwood Scorched-Classy Walking Canes

Beechwood Scorched

With a mens fritz handle, the Beechwood-Scorched walking cane offers comfortable support to cane users. This walking cane with scorched finish beec...

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Green Thumb with Crook Handle-Classy Walking Canes

Green Thumb with Crook Handle

Chameleon walking cane is an elegant cane with high gloss finish shaft. It features a metallic green scorched shading on the cane and has a Unisex ...

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Fashion Walking Cane for Ladies
Fashion Walking Canes
For a long time, walking canes had a functional aura but all this changed during the late 16th century in Europe when they emerged as a fashion accessory. This is when fashion canes gained popularity and exotic selections like the Malacca Cane and ivory handle canes generated a lot of interest. For the aristocracy of that era, having different canes for different durations of the day became a norm, including an evening and day cane! Today, fashion canes are making a comeback, among men and women across the world.

Exploring the Fashion Cane Marketplace
The contemporary walking cane marketplace is more homogenous, i.e. there is little differentiation between American and European styled canes. These are being increasingly flaunted at red carpet events, soap operas and even the stage. Fashion canes have emerged as a specialized category since contemporary canes are divided across Functional, Designer, Medical, and Hiking categories. Fashion canes are likely to be slender, capable of supporting a smaller range of body weight, and are deemed less resistant to daily wear & tear.

Exploring Fashion Canes at this Store
Many canes with designs dating back to the Victorian era and those used by the American presidents have now emerged as Vintage Canes—often flaunted by those who can boot the high price of such exclusive pieces. Similarly designed canes within a more reasonable price range are now available at select resources like our online store. More popular fashion cane options for women includes canes for luncheons, evening parties, and those with an elegant gold or silver coated collar. Our increasing collection also includes season-inspired canes like those with the autumn sky or the spring season foliage as their inspiration!

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