European Styles
European Styles
Europe has played a pivotal role in the creation of cane culture that is now found across all European nations and the United States. Canes used in Parisian streets and those that gained popularity due to the colonial regime helped to exponentially raise the popularity of walking canes—both functional and the decorative options.

Europe & Cane History
Cane historians believe that Europe was the epicenter of global cane cultures because canes were patronized in some form through much of Europe's history. For instance, the kings preferred to carry a scepter along with maintaining a staff that was often used in specific ceremonies.

Exploring European Canes
Our range of walking sticks from Europe includes the classic designs that remain popular in Ireland, Scotland, England, and France. Another classic favorite is Blackthorn Sticks—always manages to outsell most European canes on our online store. We sell a wide range of European canes with molded handles. These exotic handles wear a simulated form of exotic materials like shell, ivory, or horn. European canes are essentially made from stained hardwood selections, including chestnut, and modern variations like acrylic canes.

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