Derby Style Handle
There are some timeless choices in cane handles, among which the Derby Handle is considered a global favorite. A true classic, the Derby Handle was named after its pioneer—Lord Derby. It has been in vogue for many years and has a unisex appeal.

Need for Derby Handle Walking Canes
Ergonomic handles are a prime consideration for people buying a walking cane. Apart from lending a distinct personality to the cane, the handle has a major affect on the degree of comfort the user gets when gripping/handling the cane. The chosen cane should have a handle in-sync with the user's limitations and the kind of intended use. The choice of handle affects the kind of mobility and safety performance a user can extract from the cane. This includes stress induced on the wrists and hand. Ideally, majority of the body weight should be transferred on the staff with minimal stress on the hands/wrists. Derby walking canes are able to do this easily, maintaining a perfect balance of comfort and support.

The One-Stop Store for All Derby Handle Walking Canes
Our collection of derby canes includes canes for formal occasions, traditional canes, and designer canes. Most of our derby canes are made from high-quality woods. This includes shafts that are kiln cured for extra strength. You can also buy Derby Handle Canes with steel studs that render extra strength. Here, you will find derby handle in Vintage Canes, Collector Canes, and contemporary Designer Canes!

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