Derby Style Walking Canes

Sandalwood Country Derby on a Blackthorn Shaft-Classy Walking Canes

Sandalwood Country Derby on a Blackthorn Shaft

The Sandalwood Country Derby on blackthorn shaft is a collectors' walking stick, this comfortable derby cane features a sandalwood handle. The shaf...

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Derby Style Walking Canes
Derby Style Walking Canes
Derby style walking canes are named after Lord Derby. Derby handles are regarded as an elite choice. Here, it is not about flaunting a design but allowing the classical styling to capture everyone’s attention.

Addressing Basics of Derby Style Cane
If you are looking for a walking cane that combines traditional handles with contemporary shaft styles, opt for derby style walking canes. Derby handles are among the earliest of cane handle designs, with a long history of being used by men and women of all ages. The popularity has only risen over the years with derby handles mated across multiple shaft designs.

Assurance of Comfort
Every derby handle cane promises some attributes—compact grip, perfect contouring for snugly fitting into the palm, elegant styling and a touch of unmatched grandeur. The use of derby handle canes among those diagnosed with medical problems further underlines the kind of comfort you get with this simple handle design. Buying Derby Handle Canes Online We offer a constantly expanding pool of walking canes with ergonomic, wooden derby handles. This includes some favorite classics and some recent additions. At our online store, you get the promise of genuine derby handle canes. You get detailed product descriptions and clarity about pricing and shipping policies.

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