Contour Handle Canes / Contour Walking Sticks
Contour handle canes are one of the most comfortable, anatomically correct walking canes available in the marketplace. The handles are ergonomically designed to fit the contour of your palms/hands, ensuring that you get a firm grip at all times. For the elderly and those with gripping issues, such as folks suffering from Parkinson’s, this is a major advantage!

Anatomically Perfected Canes
If you are planning to gift a cane to someone recovering from sores or injuries, opt for contoured handle canes. Designed to anatomic perfection, Contour Handle Canes are specifically shaped to fit within the natural form of the palm. Available for both left and right-handed grips, these walking canes are also known as Orthopedic Style Handle Canes. The unique design of cane handle ensures that the body weight is distributed evenly without hurting the palms/hands. Due to the easy grip, these canes are advisable for patients suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome.

Contour Cane Options
Strong canes with perfectly built handles equals absolute cane nirvana! If you believe in comfort over fashion, these are the perfect canes for you. These sticks are not too plain but they are surely not as trendy as decorative canes. Made from best materials in this niche, like the finest mahogany and palm wood selections, Contour Handle Walking Canes are offered in an elegant finish.

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