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Plastic Clip for Folding Canes - Help Keeps The Cane Folded up When not in use!-Classy Walking Canes

Plastic Clip for Folding Canes - Help Keeps The Cane Folded up When not in use!

Classy Canes Plastic holding clip for folding canes. An unobtrusive device for holding folding canes firmly in the folded position when not in use....

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Replacement Cushion Grip Handle 7/8 inches-Classy Walking Canes
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Replacement Cushion Grip Handle 7/8 inches

Replacement PVC cushion handle cover only, black. 7/8" inside diameter x 5" long. 

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Cane Handles
Cane handles and cane grips have become a trendsetters in providing all sorts of accessories for walking canes, including those that help to grip the cane better, keep it closer, and make it more fashionable. A great demand of walking canes in the market also leads to a pressing order for walking cane handles and grips—the most demanded cane accessory!

Cane handles and grips are among the very few parts of the cane that might need replacement after a period of constant usage, i.e. they might get worn-out if you are a regular cane user. People who use fashionable or designer canes are very particular about the handle, demanding cyclic variations where each handle is like a fashion accessory. It is highly recommended that you do not use your walking cane with defected handle. This leads to an uncomfortable feeling, sometimes even a painful experience.

We offer nearly every cane handle, ranging from the classic choices like Derby Handle, Crook Handle, and Fritz Handle to the more recent Palm Handle, Anatomical Handle, Knob Handle, and T Handle. Selecting a handle has to be done cautiously as uncomfortable handles can also ruin your leisure walking experience up to a great extend. If you are having a good walking cane, and only the handle has become worthless, ordering the suitable cane handle is the best option.

Different types of canes require different types of handles and grips. We regularly update our inventory to ensure finding your chosen cane handle or grip is easy. Along with the cane handles and grips, you can find interesting deals in other Walking Cane Accessories too.

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