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White Ash with Leather Loop

White Ash with Leather Loop
Sale Price: $77.99
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This White Ash with Leather Loop walking cane embodies a brilliant raw appeal that will garner a lot of attention. Featuring a Natural Bark Finish, this handsome cane is made of sustainably grown solid ash wood. It features a Knob Handle on the top that has been smoothed for a comfortable grip. Keeping the raw aura of premium wood alive, this cane impresses with its simplicity. With steel-reinforced rubber tip at the bottom, this unique cane works as a great walking companion. Measuring 36 inches long, it can be cut to size. White Ash with Leather Loop is equipped with a leather wrist loop that aid in easy handling. With its natural beauty, this stunning cane will be a great addition to any cane collection.
WCN Number: 9-0870-00