How and What To Look For In A Walking Cane

What To Look For In A Walking CaneAs an extension of your hand and a “third foot”, your cane should offer stability and balance in your every step. In order to know what to look for in a walking cane, you should first talk to your health care professional. A physical therapist can help you decide what height and material is best for you. But in general, the following tips can help you with what to look for in a walking cane.

For a support cane, you should be able to grasp the handle, while standing upright, with your elbow naturally and slightly bent. This is the best height to aid your mobility.Comfort is also essential because you will use the cane more if you like it. Your cane helps you to be independent, so find the right fit that helps your pain and feels right for your hand grip.Depending on what your specific needs are, the handle of your cane is a characteristic which you can choose. Whether a typical J handle (or tourist) or the elegant derby, or even the anatomically correct handle, you need to have one that is easiest for you to grasp.

Sword canes and items labeled “walking sticks” are not the best choice for someone who needs a real walking aid. The first is more for fashion and is too lightweight to support your in everyday tasks, while walking sticks are for more active purposes such as hiking.

The material you choose should also be based upon your condition. Many medical facilities will have you use canes made of aluminum and other lightweight medals. A lot depends on your weight and your needs.

A knob handle or an animal head shape will not give you the best mobility support or comfort if you will be leaning your weight on the cane with every step.

Make sure the cane is attractive to your tastes, though! There is such a variety of every cane type, that you will be sure to find something that suits your fancy. Something so useful that will be by your side constantly should look the way you want it to!

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