Unisex Palm Grip Handle - Black

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Unisex Palm Grip Handle - Black
Sale Price: $65.50
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WCN Number: 9-7883 or 7884


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Unisex canes have the impossible task of pleasing all the genders but the Unisex Palm Grip Handle Cane in Black does this with amazing ease. Sporting the perfect blend of elegance, sturdiness, and dexterity, this Palm Grip Cane comes with a black acrylic handle and a shaft made from premium hardwoods. This cane can be an ideal gift at birthdays, anniversaries, or corporate lunches—basically, any occasion where you need to make an impression as a thoughtful, considerate person who invests time in choosing a smart gift. The stained shaft in black looks very solid and has the strength to support heavy users with ease. The exotic contrast is formed with the "Harvy" signature ring in brass. The ring sits pretty like a tie, accentuating the overall grace of the Unisex Palm Grip Handle Cane. You get this cane in standard length of 36 inches and can be cut to size. Includes Rubber Tip #8-0398-08. Unlike usual walking canes, you have the freedom of ordering this cane for left or right hand users.