Traditional Sticks

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Blackthorn Knob Walking Stick 36
Blackthorn Knob Walking Stick with Strap
Sale Price: $109.97
Blackthorn Knob Walking Stick with Strap
Blackthorn Walking Stick 36 inch
Rustic Oak
Rustic Oak Walking Stick
Sale Price: $70.50
Rustic Oak Walking Stick
Rustic Oak Walking Cane
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Traditional sticks are an affordable option available to you both in a wooden stick and in a cane. The traditional sticks and canes are all built with quality materials and you can count on their durability. Some of these sticks are made of various types of wood; some of these being oak, hickory, ash and other fine hardwoods. There are options available in the traditional sticks and canes to suit any man or womans needs or style. Most of the traditional walking sticks that we sell are imported directly from England and Ireland. 

The traditional walking sticks come in a very wide variety of styles and a variety of knobs, heads or handles on them. You will want to choose the walking stick that is right for you according to what you will be using it for.

Some of the styles available are a brass flask stick with a handle or head that is a golf club, a wooden shepherds crook, a wooden shaft with an elegant derby style handle, a white oak walking stick with a looped handle, and the list goes on and on. As you can see, there is no shortage on styles. You are sure to find something that is specific to your needs.

You will also find a range of colors in the traditional walking sticks, such as black, brown, copper, and of course, there are the natural wood walking sticks. You will find that the traditional walking sticks we offer on our site have a very unique flair to them.

We hope you enjoy our selection. The Blackthorn Stick, trekking poles, or try our dog handle sticks.

We also have some walking cane accessories and replacements if you are updating your cane. Whether you are buying a cane for yourself or for someone else, the cane handle is one of the most important things to take into consideration.