The Churchill Umbrella Cane

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The Churchill Umbrella Cane
Sale Price: $89.99
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WCN Number: 1075318
The Churchill Umbrella Cane is designed to ensure the perfect balance as you take your next stroll and to protect you against the elements of weather. Yes! The Churchill Umbrella Cane is essentially a cane umbrella. It is practical as the perfect walking aid, on hikes and casual strolls, as well as the perfect styling accessory as a part of your ensemble when visiting the theatre or opera. The Churchill Umbrella Cane has an impeccable aura—almost as stately as that of Churchill himself. The Churchill Umbrella Cane boasts of the best materials for construction. Built by expert artisans in Italy, the Churchill Umbrella Cane should be a serious consideration for its style and versatility. It measures 36-inches long and comes with an elegant 8-rib black umbrella and off white molded Faux Ivory Derby Handle. Lightweight without losing on its structural stability, the Churchill Cane Umbrella will accentuate your personal style and justify itself as a true value-for-money purchase.