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Spiral Bulb Top

Spiral Bulb Top
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Featuring a sturdy construction, the Spiral Bulb Top cane offers a unique blend of style and functionality. This beautifully handcrafted masterpiece is sure to please any enthusiastic cane collector for its artistic hand-grooved spiral design running down the cane shaft. Standing 35 inches tall, this customizable Spiral Bulb Top walking cane comes with a simple knob handle, or a bulb top for comfortable handling. For extra safety and durability, this unique cane is also equipped with reinforced rubber tip. This Unisex Cane has been crafted in high-quality wood. Unlike most unisex canes that can be very bland, the Spiral Top Cane is a designer creation—it acts as a wonderful addition to your wardrobe ensemble! Tip #8-0398-08.
WCN Number: 9-1054-00