Gents Derby Snakewood

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Derby Snakewod
Derby SnakewodSnakewood Derby
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Gents Derby Snakewood is a typical gent’s fashion cane and yet it comes across as a slightly unusual proposition. At first glance, the Snakewood form engages your attention. Yes, this cane is highly durable owing to the use of superior quality construction and the premium quality of wood. The use of the traditional derby handle means you can maneuver the cane without taxing your wrists and maintain a comfortable grip for longer hours without any exertion. The cane makes a mark as a premium gent’s cane with its lustrous finishing, thanks to the painstaking wooden polish rendered with great care. You get a blend of different hues in this Derby Handle cane, with darker horizontal lines being more prominent. The only other color used here is warm tones of gold that feature on the clamp. This is the ideal cane for men who are passionate about collecting canes. The Snakewood cane is both a utility proposition and a worthy addition to your ensemble of premium canes. Imported from Scotland, this is among our leading options in the niche of premium walking canes for men.