Single Point Up to 1 inch Cane

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Single Point Up to 1" Cane
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WCN Number: HC8320200
Walking on ice with your walking cane might pose a problem if it is not equipped with a proper attachment to give you additional stability. This Ice Cane Attachment for Single Point Up to 1 inch Cane solves this problem. It is the ideal accessory for navigating through ice and snowy surfaces. It is made from stainless steel that ensures maximum durability. This accessory has a single point steel base that locks in place while in use. If you want to use your cane indoors, just rotate the Ice Cane Attachment upwards! This versatile Single Point Up to 1 inch Cane Attachment fits most single-point canes. With this ice gripper attached to your cane, you don’t have to think twice before fetching your mail or getting out of the car in snowy conditions.