Red Derby with Collar

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Red Derby Cane
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WCN Number: CB-135


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We believe fashion canes are among the first choice for women looking for progressive accessories provided these canes are suitably groomed—the Red Derby with Collar is one such cane. A slightly muted yet striking shade of red envelopes the entire cane. The glossy surface of the cane is spectacularly contrasted by the metallic collar. We recommend the Red Derby with Collar if you like fashion canes with an unusual appeal. It is not the best choice for an everyday cane. This cane is meant to be displayed and to help you grab eyeballs—typical traits associated with a fashion accessory. The derby handle ensures you get a comfortable grip that does not need too much strength. Imported from Scotland, the Red Derby with Collar comes fitted with a rubber ferrule. This selection often fails to keep up with its demand that seems to be rising with every passing season. A big hit across the east and west coast of the United States, this cane already has many takers in the U.K. and now, we are getting more orders from the central European audience. Try the Red Derby with Collar cane if you believe that fashion too can be an iconoclast!

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