Classy Offset Granite Series Black

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Offset Granite Series Black
Sale Price: $29.97
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WCN Number: HC9051658
A cane that is both a trustworthy balancing aid and a styling accessory that complements your wardrobe ensemble—sounds too good to be true? Meet, the Offset Granite Series Black—the latest splash in the global walking cane marketplace. This cane has certainly raised the benchmark for everyday use walking canes. The top features an offset, or swan neck handle covered with soft and durable latex free grip having an attached wrist loop. The shaft features beautiful granite style finish in black and is fitted with an easy to operate button push adjustment. This adjustable walking cane can be moved to any size from 30 inches to 39 inches as per the walkers’ needs. The 7/8 inch diameter shaft is equipped with a metal lock nut, and rubber tip at the cane bottom. 

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