Men's Walking Canes

Blackthorn Cane
Blackthorn Style Cane
Crook Walking Cane
Crook Handle Cane
Mens Derby
Derby Handle Cane
Distinctive Style Cane
Distinctive Style Cane
Freeform Cane
Freeform Style Cane
Fritz Handle
Fritz Handle Cane
Grip Handle Cane
Grip or Knob Handle Cane
Specialty Canes
Specialty Style Canes
Mens Tall
Mens Tall Walking Canes

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Men's walking canes are designed with fashion and function in mind. You will look absolutely dashing when you step out with one of these canes. Available in many different designs and styles, these handsome styles will stand the test of time in fashion. The high quality craftsmanship that goes into them will ensure that they last for generations. It is Where Fashion Meets Function. We offer wooden, aluminum, Lucite, and many types of materials and handles to choose from. Men have used a walking cane for many years as a sign of status. Try one of our hand made if you want to really feel good about your looks.

Our men's walking canes are so unique most men own more than one. Fashion is just important to the men as it is to the ladies. In Victorian and Edwardian times, no gentleman was correctly dressed without his cane. In the daytime, sticks such as hardwood crooks and manila canes would be carried for business and social engagements, possibly fitted with ivory handles. In the evening, a more formal cane would be carried, often ebony with a silver handle.

Every man wants something fashionable and friendly. You will find many men going for wooden walking canes which have an enticing finish. Various techniques have been used to give wood products an interesting look. The most common incorporates wood varnishes such as clear, mahogany and dark oak. However, some are made of aluminum and lightweight. We also offer hand painted sticks. If you want a hand made cane or a folding cane we can help.