Melfort Walking Stick in Darker Tone of Wood - Pewter with Collar

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Darker Wood Melford Style
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WCN Number: CB-152-1


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Darker Tone of Wood Melfort Style Walking Stick is named after Loch Melfort, a beautiful loch in Argyll, a bit further up the East Coast of Scotland. This is an ideal selection when you want your cane to look different from the rest with an unique appeal. The tone of the wood combination is on the sober side without being boring. Imported from Scotland, this cane has the credentials associated with the well groomed canes that made Scotland famous as a global cane destination. The solid construction has been combined with a very light bit of texturing. The cane oozes the aura we associated with premium hardwood, underlining its strength. It should make for a great gifting option to any man who likes graceful canes or accessorizes with restraint. Equipped with a traditional type of Melfort handle, this cane is easy to grip and use, even for longer durations. The contoured handle fits easily within most palms.

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