Mallard The Duck Umbrella

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Mallard The Duck Umbrella Cane
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WCN Number: 1075307
Playful, sturdy, and utterly useful; Mallard The Duck Umbrella Cane adds a distinctive flair to your personality with its unusual design and multi-functionality. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Italy with fine quality materials, this unique Umbrella Cane features a molded, brown-colored Mallard Duck Head handle made with a resinous material. The Mallard-inspired head has glass eyes too. The 36 inches long Mallard Umbrella Cane displays intricate detailed carving along the handle. Apart from personal use, it is also recommended as a well-though gift for those who love animals and like to stroll in style. The handle is mounted on a stained beech wood shaft with a stylish brass ring collar finish. The black umbrella is equipped with eight ribs and spans across 42 inches, providing impressive rain and wind-proofing coverage.  The material is nylon.  This is not to be used as a support cane.