Left Handed Walking Canes

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Beech Ergo - Left Handed
Beech Ergo Left Handed
Sale Price: $73.99
Beech Ergo Left Handed
Beech Ergo Handle Left Handed Walking Sick
Soft Touch-Black
Palm Grip Soft Touch Black
Sale Price: $82.99
Palm Grip Soft Touch Black
Palm Grip Soft Touch Black Walking Cane
Amber-Cherry Palm Grip Left Handed
Amber-Cherry Palm Grip Left Handed
Sale Price: $74.99
Amber-Cherry Palm Grip Left Handed
Amber-Cherry Palm Grip Left Handed


Left handed canes are suitable for those who need extra support on the left side. These people may or may not be left handed. If the cane is being used because of an injury, it may be necessary to use it on the side of the injury. These canes are extremely comfortable for those that must use their left hand.

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Fashionable Walking Sticks
For those with their own personal style, clear canes make fashionable walking sticks. Made out of clear Lucite these walking sticks are as unique as you are. They are made with every type of handle to ensure that you find one that fits you comfortably. They are also available in several sizes to fit people of all different heights.

Feminine Walking Canes
For the women who need some extra support, feminine walking canes are the perfect accessory. They come in several designs, patterned and fabric covered being the most popular. Various patterns are available including floral and butterflies. The shafts are usually the only part of the cane covered with a pattern, but occasionally you can find decorated handles as well.

Feminine Walking Sticks
We all want to look our best each day, even if we need some extra assistance and support. Feminine walking sticks are stylish enough to be considered part of your attire. Choose them with the same care that you would a pair of earrings or any other wardrobe accessory and you will love your walking stick. It can compliment you wardrobe perfectly.

Feminine Canes
Fabric covered canes are the perfect accessory for ladies everywhere. These feminine canes are covered in ornately decorated fabrics as well as simple designs. Whether you like floral, paisley or more whimsical prints, you are sure to find something that you love in fabric. These fine canes are a great way to show off your personality while getting the extra support that you need.

Fold Up Walking Canes
Fold up walking canes are just as powerful and supportive as traditional canes but are much more compact. When unfolded they are just as long as standard canes. These convenient canes can fold down to as small as 8 inches and come with a carrying pouch that looks much like a make-up bag. These canes are perfect for traveling and fit wonderfully in a purse or handbag.