Ladies Basic Chestnut Crook

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Crook cane for Ladies
Crook cane for LadiesChestnut Crook
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WCN Number: CB101


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Ladies Basic Crook Chestnut Crook Cane is an exquisitely crafted accessory that boasts of an impeccable chestnut finish. It is a testimony to extraordinary manual craftsmanship and has the added advantage of being very practical. The Chestnut used in this cane is acquired from sustainable forest. Apart from the ability to act as a brilliant walking aid, the Chestnut Crook Cane raises your style quotient to a new high. The sophisticated hand crafted cane features a crooked handle at the top for extra grip and a metal ferrule tip for added traction requires while walking on slippery surfaces. Solid and sturdy in design, the Basic Chestnut Crook Cane can be used by women with equal panache. Basic crook canes have always been referred to in the pages of history as one of the most preferred choice of cane designs owing to great cultural and religious values associated with them. This is one nice cane for the money.  36 inches.