How To Choose A Cane Handle

How To Choose A Cane Handle

Luckily, the variety of cane handles has improved since the days of the shepherd’s staff. Now there are several different types with their own advantages. The basis of how to choose a cane handle depends largely on what your needs are.

You should talk to your health care provider first of all, to know exactly how to choose a cane handle that is best for your condition. If you have arthritis in your hand or it is simply weak, you will want something like a straight-handled cane, or a T-handle. Knob handles and fancily shaped cane handles such as animal shapes will not give you the proper support if you need a weight bearing cane.

Here are the types of therapeutic canes that are on the market today. These distinctions will help you decide how to choose a cane handle.

· The Devon handle provides a broad weight-bearing surface with one raised end to prevent the hand from slipping.
· The Derby handle has contours and indentations to allow a firmer grip.
· The York handle has a unique design to keep the hand centred on the grip, and raised ends to prevent hand slippage.
· The Offset handle is simple and easy on the wrist, provides additional balance, but does require a reasonably firm grip.
· The Orthopedic (or Anatomically Correct) handle is designed to fit the natural contour of the hand.
· The Handicane handle provides a weight-bearing surface and conforms to the palm of the hand. This was my personal choice when I shattered my knee a number of years ago.
· The SelectaGrip handle has variable positions for comfort.

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