Clip On Light for Canes

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Clip On Light
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WCN Number: 8-1041-00
The niche of walking canes accessories is slowly expanding, offering a wider array of products that offer instant utility. This includes Tipsee Clip On Light for Canes—one of the most popular options in this segment. The Clip-On Light by Tipsee is designed specifically for walking canes to ensure the user has access to artificial light for illuminating the path ahead. The Grip-On Light is suited for all walking cane shafts with a diameter ranging from 3/4 inch to 1 inch. Featuring a standard On/Off switch, this versatile light offers constant illumination exactly where you need it without casting annoying shadows. Clip On Light offers a steady grip where you can clip or hook it onto almost anything! It works on white light LED for brighter, concentrated beam of light and comes with a replaceable battery. Due to its EZ Flex Grip system, it presents a flexible rounded surface that allows it to attach on to cane shafts.