Cane Wrist Strap

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Elastic Band Strap -  Assorted Colors
Elastic Band Strap - Assorted Colors
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Elastic Band Strap -  Assorted Colors
Black, Brown,Pink and Blue/Lila

When you have a weak or injured leg, the last thing you want to do is bend down and pick your cane off the ground! But with our cane wrist strap, you needn’t worry about that! Keep the cane securely attached to your wrist, so that if it slips of misses its mark, you still have it dangling upright to immediately grip again. Take advantage of our affordable and useful cane wrist strap!

Without a walking cane wrist strap, you are left to prop your cane up against a wall or other object. By using one of these, the task becomes much more simple. Now you will be able to hold your cane with ease even when it’s not in use. Browse the selection to find the walking cane wrist strap that will work for you.


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