Canterbury Fashion Quad Cane Small

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Canterbury Fashion Quad-Cane Small
Sale Price: $49.97
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WCN Number: 9-2025-91
The Canterbury Fashion Quad Cane Small walking cane comes with a classic and timeless design, making it one of the most preferred options in the niche of quad canes. Named after the famous English city of Canterbury, this cane embellishes a praiseworthy floral artwork. The quad canes have a standard design featuring a center balance offset handle with replacement grip #8-2196-08. Measuring 5x8 inches, the four-pronged base of this cane is smaller than usual quad canes but the strongest one. The replacement tips #8-4608-08 for the four prongs are available with the cane. Adjustable from 30 inches to 35 inches, this cane can suit your height requirements perfectly. With unmatched design, Canterbury Fashion Quad Cane Small walking cane is a perfect choice for you next big event.