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Hiking Stick with Big Game Design

Hiking Stick with Big Game Design
Hiking Stick with Big Game Designhker stickHiker Color
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Hiking gear can be overwhelming for many folks, given the vast range of utilities and accessories retailed in this niche. However, some hiking gear essentials always make sense. The Hiking Stick with Big Game Design is one such utility. Robust to the core, easy to grip, and sturdy enough to last multiple hiking trips, this is your perfect hiking companion. This unique hiking cane wears its genre proudly and it is patterned with bucks, brown bears, and black bears, along with many tree branches. The result is the perfect blend of aesthetics and camouflage, i.e. as a part of your outdoor ensemble. Using state-of-the-art imagery illustrations, this cane displays life-like patterns. The Big Game Design has transformed the hiking stick into the preferred choice for people who love the outdoors, particularly seasoned hunters. You can buy this cane in two colors. Besides, the rounded handle ensures a firm grip at all times. The Big Game Hiker Cane is easy to adjust, from 34 inches to 52 inches.
WCN Number: C600-GAME