Classy Canes Majestic Hard Wood in Bamboo Look

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Majestic Hard Wood - Bamboo Look
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WCN Number: C500-65


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Walking canes made from wood are the preferred choice for most cane aficionados and now, they have another reason to celebrate with the Majestic Hard Wood Bamboo Look cane. The walking cane is made from premium quality hardwoods. The overall styling mimics the use of bamboo canes. One look at the cane and you can easily understand why this design is inspired by bamboo the aura is very different from the usual hardwood canes found today. Rather than the usual wood grain pattern, you get spaced natural wood patterns and the use of a lighter hue. The Majestic Bamboo Walking Cane comes in a standard length of 36 inches where you get the choice of cutting down the shaft to your preferred length. The free wrist strap is offered on every purchase of this cane and it helps to ensure you get a great grip at all times. Sturdily built without undertaking any radical constructional approach, the cane can easily support a weight of up to 250 pounds! Presence of a rubber tip ensures that the cane has improved grip across all types of surfaces. The hardwood used here gets double-layer lacquered protection, particularly against moisture. Despite the grandeur, the Majestic Bamboo Canes is equally good at being your walking companion on a daily basis!