American Craftsman Standard

American Craftsman - Standard
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Consider the American Craftsman Standard if you are looking for a seriously durable hardwood cane that blends style and functionality with effortless ease. This walking stick reeks of natural aura associated with hardwood canes. You also get the comfort of choosing the handle and shaft in different types of hardwood, including oak and cherry. The walnut finishing is the best choice since it complements and augments the hardwood traits of the American Craftsman Standard cane. At 37-inches, you get a sturdy walking stick in standard length. A bestseller that takes a lot to prepare, the American Craftsman Standard is not available throughout the year. Once requested, the order is confirmed to ensure you are not discomforted. Closer inspection reveals why this cane is so revered in the realm of premium walking sticks. Made in Colorado, US, this cane uses the traditional Mortise & Tenon joint structure. You can gift the Craftsman American Standard Walking Cane to someone who adores pure hardwood creations. You get the assurance from buying this cane from the biggest online retailer of premium walking canes.

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