Aluminum Walking Canes

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Self Standing Offset Handle Cane - Five Colors
Sale Price: $29.97
Self Standing Offset Handle Cane - Five Colors
Self Standing Offset Handle Cane in Assorted Colors
7/8 Inch Aluminum Cane in Silver Finish
Sale Price: $34.99
7/8 Inch Aluminum Cane in Silver Finish
Aluminum Walking Cane
Unisex "J" Handle-Non-Adjustable
Sale Price: $33.99
Unisex "J" Handle-Non-Adjustable
Unisex "J" Handle-Non-Adjustable

For a sturdy and well-supported stroll, our lightweight aluminum walking canes will do the trick! Enjoy the added comfort of knowing each step you take has a backup support through the use of our aluminum walking canes. These canes will assist you in your daily tasks, helping you get from place to place without fret. You will find that they are folding, fashionable, decorative and functional all in one. Check out our assortment from England and Scotland.

Thank goodness for modern innovations! Aluminum canes are a milestone development in the walking cane industry, especially for those users who truly need extra support and balance in every step. Because aluminum canes are lightweight yet can bear a considerable amount of weight themselves, they are the most ideal for serious medical conditions.

Whether you wanted a painted style with lots of colors, flower patterns or a more classic appearance such as black or bronze, you can find aluminum canes to suit your desires! There are plenty of models out there, for fashion as well as convenience. For example, there are folding aluminum canes as well as adjustable aluminum canes for optimum support and comfort.

Ask your health care provider what type of aluminum canes are best for your condition. Because the style of handle that you choose will depend largely on what kind of support you need.

There are aluminum canes with handles that are designed specifically to fit the contour of either your right or left hand. If you go that route, choose a cane for the hand on the opposite side of your weak or injured leg. That is, unless your physician says otherwise.

Of course there is a huge variety of aluminum canes, but for basic, practical purposes, here are the most common examples:

  • Aluminum canes with tripd or quad bases. These give more balance and can stand on their own.
  • Aluminum canes with orthopedic handles. They fit your right or left hand with ultimate comfort!
  • Aluminum canes with offset handles. These allow your weight to be shifted over the cane's shaft, which provides optimum support.

Our aluminum canes are desirably sturdy, well made and sophisticated. We have great designs that are as attractive as they are functional. Our aluminum canes selection has a wide variety, but each item is made with care and purpose. Aluminum canes are great for supporting you in daily activities in which you need extra help and support.