Alpine Laminated Walking Stick

Alpine Laminated Walking Stick
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If you are a hiking enthusiast who likes to keep a walking stick collection for the memories of your hiking trips, the Alpine Laminated Walking Stick is one of the best choices for you. Walking sticks for countryside walks and hiking are usually built to be sturdy and strong. Fashion standards sometimes seem out-of-place for such sturdy staffs. A perfect amalgamation of great fashion and tough build, the Alpine Laminated walking stick is a highly reputed and adored in the realm of premium walking accessories. The great-looking stick with an alpine grip that is placed almost centered over the shaft gives you the option of placing your whole body weight over the stick. The laminated surface carries a bit of luster and also plays a role in weather-proofing the stick against damages caused by changing weather conditions. A sturdy and great-looking walking stick, the Alpine Laminated Walking Stick is a perfect option for your next trip to the countryside.
WCN Number: WC1459

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