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Orthopedic Style Handle

We have the modern adjustable walking cane you need for years of support. Many people require a walking cane designed with their correct height for optimum support and safety, but on occasion they need to adjust the height to support a variety of footwear and walking surfaces while engaging in an active lifestyle!

Our adjustable canes have the ability to quickly adjust to your personal height needs in a single simple adjustment! Many of them adjust in height and fold for a perfect fit. Our lightweight fashionable adjustable canes are the best choice for those who may require a lighter weight for their mobility and strength requirements. Many of our items have been fashionably crafted for a lovely an aesthetically pleasing look to match your mood and tastes when the dull blacks and browns just wont do! Available in a wide variety of attractive coordinating colors and floral patterns, these canes are equipped with various orthopedic hand grips for perfect comfort. And although our canes are made of strong, durable high-quality aluminum, they arent too heavy. They can telescope into a smaller space for easier storage and some fold up. You may choose from a wide variety of handles and grips for your added comfort in various colors and styles. You may choose either right hand or left hand orthopedic palm grip, the orthopedic grip, the unisex J handle, or the center balance grip! You may also choose 3 or 4 quad legs when added stability is required and some models have an ice pick bottom.

The advantages to owning an adjustable cane are numerous! Many people become frustrated by all the guesswork involved with measuring for a walking cane, but with an adjustable cane;you don't have to worry about that!  All That Jazz is our fashion line of Adjustable Aluminum canes.  Take a look at them.

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